The jury is a sworn body of people convened to render an impartial judgement (a finding of “fact” on a question) officially submitted to them by the Torna programmers. They are 5 industry professionals and visual aesthetics masters originating both from the host country and from other parts of the world.

List of jury members coming soon…

Judgement scheme, elimination process

Competitors are judged differently in the two live categories as described below...


The Vj Battle category is a normal elimination race. Two opponents perform simultaneusly and only one of them, the winner can survive and step further in the tournament rounds...


In Best Live Mapper, competitors are judged by a given score between 1 to 10 points for their performances. Everyone has an exact amount of time during each rounds to impress the jury and receive the highest score possible. At the end of the qualifying matches, scores will be summed up and 4 of the competitors with the highest scores will be chosen to enter the semi-final and the final rounds.