Here you are the winners of the Vj Torna Istanbul 2014 Battle and Best Live Mapper Category and of the special prize:

Battle Category

1. VJ Machinka (NL)

VJ Torna Plaque + Novation Launchpad micro + Leap Motion controller 

2. Gama Goblin (TK)

Resolume Avenue 

3. Eletroiman (BR) 

Limeart Group 1 mapping license + 1 MadMapper or 1 Modul8 License 

Thanks to the other competitors: 

Whether Gay or Ney (TK)

Sadic Avci (TK)

Vj Karajan (DE)

YvesO (BG)

Vj Culo (NL)


Best Live Mapper Category 

1. Leandro Mendes Vigas (BR)

VJ Torna Plaque + Numark Orbit wireless midi controller + Leap Motion controller

2. Vj Culo & Vj Machinka (NL)

Millumin license + VEZER license + CoGe license 

3. Vinicius Luz (BR)

Limeart Group 1 mapping license + 1 MadMapper license + 1 Modul8 license

Thanks to the other competititors:

Di Lara (TK)



Special Price assigned by Blendy Dome VJ + IMF and LPM to 

Gama Goblin (TK)

Blendy Dome VJ full pack + special appearance at LPM 2014 EIndhoven

Many thanks again to our technical partners 

Blendy Dome VJ - CoGe- LIME ART GROUP - MadMapper - Millumin - Modul8 - Resolume VJ Software - Shop4vjs -TextMachine 3D - VezĂ©r 

We remind you that we'll push soon the Pre Production Category through our channels to let the audience vote and assign the prizes.