Vj Torna Mexico prizes



Hi Vj Torna competitors!

Thanks for your application to Vj Torna 2013 Mexico City. We would like to inform you about the next steps:



LPM and VJ Torna Mexico City call for proposals!

VJ TORNA ROME 2012 results

Vj Torna 2012 LPM Rome . Thank for all of you who came, played and cheered for the participants! See you in Mexico in October!

The winners of Vj Torna 2012 LPM Rome:

Vj Torna Rome 2012 Champion category:
1 Vj Jacobsen - Italy
2 Juladi – Germany
3 Cheeky Monkeys - Italy

Vj Torna Rome 2012 Vj Battle category:
1 Best Before - Greece
2 Visual Jack - Italy
3 Jem de Misfit – New Zealand

Vj Torna Rome 2012 Live Mapping category:


ROME Benvenuto!!


competitors champion category:
VJ JAGO 28point
Jem de Misfit 33 point
Visual Jack 31 point
Inxile 27 point
Eletroiman 35 point
LOCO 24 point
Illuminator28.5 point
Millie 28.4 point
Fredy Areas 33.5 point
Blend 30.8 point
KLAT 28.3 point
Vigas 37 point
Klein 35.8 point
Neme Ska 24.4 point
See Zee 38.1 point
Vitalistic 32.3 point
SK4T 35.2 point
Luminator 38.7 point
Optika 35 point
3 EZ 38.8 point
Jacopsen 39.1 point

Rome 2012

Next Event

Vj Torna Rome, Italy: 31 May - 3 June 2012

Minsk is at the door!

This week, our crew is heading to Minsk, Belaurs for the next installment of our beloved visual contest.

We'd like to inform you about the time of our usual personal registration at the venue. This is an important part, because we'd like to meet you personnally and get your final confirmation about category registrations.

Time of registration: strictly between 12:00 - 14:00 // 23rd September 2011.
Venue: Loft Café
Address: Brovki st, 22, Minsk, Bielorussia

VJ Torna Budapest - film by Jodele Larcher

Torna Twitter

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Minsk, here we come!

After fulfilling a super-sized compo in Rome, the year 2011 still hasn't come to an end as we'll step on land of Belarus between 22-25. September to do our favourite thing in Minsk. We carry on with the fruitful co-operation between Live Performers Meeting and VJ Torna to evolve to something bigger. Again, we'll be having fierce duels for three days between VJs coming from distant countries, and besides our part of the show, there's the ever morphing, organically hiving italian live video meeting to give the frames.

There are 1 home-production and 2 live tournament categories you can choose to enter. See details here.


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